The Role of a Sharpspring Consultant in Customizing the System to Fit Your Business Needs

The Role of a Sharpspring Consultant in Customizing the System to Fit Your Business Needs

Discover the role of a SharpSpring consultant in customizing your CRM platform to fit your business needs and goals. Learn about the key benefits of hiring a CRM consultant with SharpSpring experience, and understand the considerations between freelance consultants and CRM consulting firms. Cultivize, a trusted CRM consulting firm, offers tailored solutions to help you build, train, and scale SharpSpring for optimal results. Schedule a call today to discuss your unique business needs and maximize the potential of your CRM system.

Personalizing Your CRM for Organizational Goals

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Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are viable solutions for overwhelmed businesses struggling to organize their contacts and data. But what is the leading software, and how can you migrate from antiquated technology?

In this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews Jason Kramer, Founder and CEO of Cultivize, to talk about how his company helps agencies and B2B’s transition to SharpSpring. When it comes to assessing a new platform, Jason Kramer finds that most companies don’t leverage the full potential of their current software, leading to lost data that can’t be extracted easily. The transition process requires strategic communication and collaboration to make informed decisions about the updated technology. SharpSpring is an all-inclusive and cost-effective CRM platform that streamlines the adoption process. As a SharpSpring partner, Cultivize helps organizations disseminate their data and customizes the software for business goals.

Lead Nurturing that Actually Works

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Lead nurturing can be anything from creating a podcast to writing blog articles. In the case Jason Kramer, CEO of Cultivize shares, “there’s more of a constraint on lead nurturing using software, which results in sales.” This week, episode 151 of The Digital Agency Growth Podcast is about lead nurturing that actually works!

Turning Cold Leads into Red Hot Sales Through Technology

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Whether or not a salesperson can accelerate to cruising speed will have something to do with their skill but shifting into the next gear is only possible with the right equipment. Paring the right tool with the right strategy can turn cold leads into red hot sales. Learn how Cultivize has helped many businesses, teams & salespeople gain & maintain leads.

How to Choose a CRM in Six Easy Steps

How to Choose a CRM in Six Easy Steps

Learning how to choose a CRM system is the first step to effectively mapping customer relationships. The right CRM software ensures a seamless transition from leads to prospects to customers.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems maintain data on a central platform. As a result, you eliminate redundant interactions and focus on those that matter most.

As SharpSpring certified consultants, the Cultivize team helps organizations find customized solutions to know where prospects are in the sales funnel. As a result, the right CRM enables you to develop and maintain meaningful customer relationships.

Discover how to find CRM software to track your prospects’ unique journeys through your marketing and sales pipeline.

How to improve productivity and the results of your sales team

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Cultivize founder, Jason Kramer and Vendux founder, Henning Schwinum have a lively conversation discussing tips, tools, and what it takes to have a winning sales team in your business. They discuss important topics like motivation tactics, increasing productivity, interviewing tips, solutions for struggling team members, methods to connect your marketing efforts with those of your sales team, how to make the most of your CRM, and more…

The Ten Hidden Things You Didn’t Know About a CRM

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Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software helps companies connect with their customers and follow them through the sales cycle. However, there are hidden things many people don’t know about harnessing the full potential of a CRM. Fortunately, as certified SharpSpring partners, we at Cultivize provide strategic CRM software advice to help maximize your investment and boost the bottom line.

How to Get More Out of SharpSpring

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The right CRM platform helps target campaigns to capture and generate more leads. Plus, a platform such as SharpSpring – our favorite – proves an agency’s value to its clients. But is your team only using a fraction of the powerful tools SharpSpring marketing automation offers? When you work with Cultivize, we offer live and personalized SharpSpring demos. Our team can show your prospective and current clients how to use all the robust features – not just a few of them. At this point, most companies discover they are using only a fraction of the invaluable tools SharpSpring offers.

Acquisition of SharpSpring by Constant Contact

Acquisition of SharpSpring by Constant Contact

What Does the Acquisition Mean for Constant Contact ESP Customers?

Frank Vella, CEO of Constant Contact, stated about the acquisition, “SharpSpring’s focus on lead management will be an essential element in building Constant Contact’s marketing automation platform to more holistically deliver results for small businesses.” SharpSpring provides superior CRM automation for agencies and businesses. As a result, Constant Contact customers gain a world of targeted lead generation and cultivation possibilities – with measurable sales results to hone in on missed marketing opportunities