Learn How to Nurture and Convert Prospective Buyers to Customers

Get insights into the fundamentals for a well-thought-out lead nurturing campaign from CEO of Cultivize, Jason Kramer.

Our Story

After seeing so many wholesalers, distributors, online retailers, service providers, and manufacturers losing potential revenue from massive holes in their funnel, Cultivize was founded to stop the leakage by educating and coaching people to learn the process and master the technology.

They spend money to generate prospective buyers. They do this using a variety of methods from digital marketing, print advertising, direct mail, billboards, radio, TV, social media and so on. In many cases, all this money is spent without being able to attribute earned or lost revenue to each marketing/lead-gen effort.
We came to understand this is because a lot of businesses don’t have a succinct process and technology platform in place to nurture and educate their prospects through their buying journey. It’s a known fact that it’s far more cost-effective to nurture your current pipeline than to spend money on capturing new leads. Over the last 10 years, marketing automation and CRM platforms have risen to prominence by enabling sales teams to become significantly more efficient and effective when this technology becomes part of their daily toolbox.


To empower our clients with customized strategies and award-winning technology, allowing them to connect the dots between their prospect/customer data, current marketing campaigns and sales team activity.


To coach and accelerate our client’s sales teams using proven sales enablement techniques to give them “real-time” insights on which prospects are highly engaged. To help marketing teams have a clear understanding of which campaigns are generating revenue and those that need to be revisited or abandoned.


It’s cliché to say, but we treat every customer as we’d want to be treated: With transparency, timely responses, integrity and honesty.

SharpSpring New York Platinum Partner

We’re not a marketing agency, we don’t build websites, manage social media, or create ads. We only do ONE thing — getting your company Cultivized with SharpSpring.​

We’ve found that Sharpspring offers the most cost-effective and practical lead nurturing platform for companies with $5-$100M in sales.

Sharpspring offers the right mix of a robust (yet easy to use) CRM, integrated marketing, and sales tools to meet the go-to-market demands of most companies.

Our primary success factor is one-on-one training sessions with our clients’ teams and ongoing monthly strategy sessions to improve sales yield and gain the maximum economic return on your marketing investment by optimizing the existing leads in your funnel.

Cultivize has spent nearly a decade working with Sharpspring, and we are the ONLY New York Platinum Partner – though we serve clients nationwide.

We make your business growth a reality by helping you take full advantage of Sharpspring’s powerful features to equip your sales & marketing teams with a customized lead nurturing program to outperform your competitors.

The Cultivize Team

Jason Kramer


Jason lives in NY with his wife, two children, and two dogs…you guessed it, it’s not a quiet house.

He is formally trained as a brand strategist and holds a communication design degree from Syracuse University. He started his career as a graphic designer at NYC ad agencies working with global clients in the travel, food, and liquor industries. Seeing an opportunity to help startups and small businesses with an alternative option in lieu of hiring several freelancers, Jason started his first company in 2002, a pioneering virtual agency long before that concept even existed. For over 15 years Jason’s agency, JLK Creative, worked with a wide variety of service-based companies in the Metro NY area helping them with branding, web development, print, and email marketing.

In 2018, Jason founded his 2nd company, Cultivize, and leveraged his existing partnership with SharpSpring. Today, Cultivize is one of only a handful of Platinum Certified SharpSpring partners in the world and 100% focused on coaching, empowering, and implementing lead nurturing strategies for its clients.

Heather Sanderson

STRATEGY / Onboarding / training

Heather brings extensive experience in marketing, administration and project management to the Cultivize team and our clients. 

She has worked within the SharpSpring platform for a decade across hundreds of companies using this robust CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement platform. 

Reid Casey


Reid formerly worked in-house at SharpSpring in the roll of training and onboarding. He has years of hands-on experience to solve both simple and complex business goals and integration between our clients business tools and the SharpSpring platform.

Mistina Picciano

Resident content producer

Mistina and her team spearhead content development writing services for direct, traditional, and content marketing programs, all geared toward tangible results for our client’s lead nurturing programs with the ultimate goal of generating more sales.

Juan Lopez


Juan is an original team member of JLK Creative, Inc, Jason’s first company. When not helping clients with getting the most out of SharpSpring, he spends time with his wife, son, and friends. An intricate member of the team and also Platinum Certified by SharpSpring, Juan takes pride in his attention to detail on ensuring all of our client’s team members have an expert one click or call away on their side.

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