The Ten Hidden Things You Didn’t Know About a CRM

Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software helps companies connect with their customers and follow them through the sales cycle. However, there are hidden things many people don’t know about harnessing the full potential of a CRM. Fortunately, as certified SharpSpring partners, we at Cultivize provide strategic CRM software advice to help maximize your investment and boost the bottom line.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Understanding the actions of your target audience means creating campaigns that resonate with customers. From attracting new business to retaining existing customers, SharpSpring CRM provides critical insights into current consumer behavior to make essential changes to drive more sales.

2. Improve Segmentation

Market segmentation is crucial to honing campaigns and reaching more prospects with your target audience in mind. Another advantage of SharpSpring CRM is easily grouping people who share similar interests or characteristics. As a result, you can create customized campaigns that speak directly to your target audience and get them to take action.

SharpSpring CRM segmentation tips.

3. Better Customer Retention

Following customers on their sales journey helps marketers understand their needs and what makes them want more. For example, do they respond to email messages or click on blog links before purchasing? Understanding how customers receive and process information help you create customized marketing messages to build a stronger relationship based on their unique preferences. 


sharpspring life of lead example

4. Anticipate Customer Needs and Wants

SharpSpring offers a visual Pipeline feature to track sales opportunities from the initial contact until they take action. As a result, marketers see all active opportunities and their status in the sales funnel with a glance. Plus, you can track available qualified leads, and review completed opportunities to determine the next marketing strategy based on customer needs and wants in real-time.

5. Support Remote Workers

Intelligent CRM software advice always starts with the recommendation to work in the cloud. Most CRM software today is cloud-based to provide insights and updates in real-time. Plus, cloud CRM supports remote workers who can collaborate on any device from anywhere to develop strategic marketing campaigns driven by targeted data. Finally, many people prefer career opportunities that offer remote work. Supporting remote workers helps your company attract top talent.

6. Evaluate Sales Representatives and Campaigns

Evaluating marketing campaigns and sales team performance is crucial to adapt strategies based on consumer behavior intelligently. Look for a CRM that enables you to create different reports, including:

  • Conversion analysis
  • Opportunity health
  • Pipeline value
  • Sales team activity
  • Sales performance
  • Won and lost report
  • Follow-up status
SharpSpring CRM Sales Pipeline Tips

Additionally, management can compare one salesperson’s performance against the others to find the best sellers for incentives and learning opportunities. Plus, the sales manager and the c-suite benefit from seeing which marketing campaigns work – and which ones don’t.

7. Achieve Complete Marketing Automation

Beyond tracking customer relationships, SharpSpring CRM as one option helps companies achieve complete marketing automation. For example, instead of manually sending and tracking promotional emails, the system sends personalized messages to each prospect to ensure no potential customer falls out of the sales funnel.

8. Fast and Effective Communication

With customized marketing correspondence in mind, a robust CRM also ensures fast and effective communication with customers at all times. Marketers create a customized schedule to follow up with prospects and current customers based on their preferences. Thus, email messages arrive promptly to coincide with consumer behavior and existing marketing campaigns.

9. Personalize Sales Content

Successful marketers recognize the power of personalized sales campaigns to resonate with prospects based on their behaviors. The right approach transforms a potential customer into a loyal one. SharpSpring CRM makes it easy to generate personalized marketing messages on a schedule that coincides with consumer behavior. For example, reminders can be sent to customers who might be running out of a specific product.

10. Define Wins and Losses

Finally, one of the most significant hidden advantages of a CRM is defining wins and losses. After all, marketers speculate about which campaigns work without access to real-time consumer data. Tracking and reporting features provide visibility and flexibility to refine marketing strategies to improve conversion rates.

Understanding the ten hidden things you didn’t know about SharpSpring CRM helps improve conversion rates and increase profits. At Cultivize, we are certified SharpSpring partners who recognize many marketers only use a fraction of their CRM’s robust features. We provide CRM software advice to help you maximize your investment by achieving complete marketing automation – with sales results to prove the benefits.

To see a live personalized demo of the SharpSpring platform, tailored to your industry, click here to book your free consultation and demo.

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