Di Bruno Bros Elevates Sales and Marketing

Stephanie from Di Bruno Bros Events and Catering faced a common challenge: disjointed sales and marketing processes across the company’s diverse entities. Struggling with separate customer lists and limited tracking, they sought a solution to unify and streamline their approach.

The Challenge

Di Bruno Bros had two distinct divisions, each with its own customer list and marketing strategies.  This lack of cohesion hindered their ability to maximize sales and target the right clientele effectively. With no centralized system, managing customer data became a tedious task.

The Solution

Cultivize meticulously addressed Di Bruno Bros’ challenges. The team implemented SharpSpring to combine disparate customer lists, enhance tracking capabilities, and create a cohesive marketing strategy.

The Results

Unified Customer Lists
Di Bruno Bros transformed separate lists into one master list, allowing them to sell to both divisions’ clientele seamlessly.

Targeted Marketing During the Pandemic
Leveraging SharpSpring’s insights, the team targeted local and out-of-state clientele during the pandemic. Virtual events and tailored programming boosted sales in untapped markets.

Improved Guest Experience
Streamlined processes from start to finish with SharpSpring resulted in a more efficient and thorough guest experience.

Data-Driven In-Person Events
SharpSpring’s tracking capabilities enabled targeted outreach to new clients for in-person events as restrictions lifted.

“From onboarding to creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), their proactive approach strengthened not only my division but other divisions within the company.”

Stephanie Yeager, Sales Manager

Summary of Di Bruno Bros Success

Cultivize and SharpSpring provided Di Bruno Bros with a comprehensive solution, transforming their sales and marketing processes. The results speak for themselves, showcasing the power of strategic consulting and cutting-edge CRM technology in driving business success.