Lost Leads? Why You Need a CRM Platform Expert

Lost leads cost companies opportunities and profits as the C-suite watches marketing dollars go down the drain. In the meantime, marketers and managers try to keep up with numerous moving parts. Fortunately, a CRM platform automates and organizes marketing campaigns. This way, businesses understand what works and what doesn’t. But how long does it take to choose, implement, and learn the software without a CRM platform expert? 

Many companies adopt a CRM platform but have no idea how to use it properly. Others spend endless months attempting to customize and understand the platform. Either way, marketing dollars are being wasted. A CRM platform expert handles the heavy lifting. Then the marketing team is off and running, capturing lost leads that boost the bottom line. Discover ten reasons why companies prefer to work with a pro.

No more Lost Leads! Select the Right CRM Platform

Choosing the right CRM platform is the first step toward success. Shopping around becomes time-consuming and confusing. An expert reviews the organization’s marketing needs, budget, and processes to help choose the right platform. For example, a robust platform such as SharpSpring provides marketing automation and CRM. Once a platform pro teaches the team how to use the software, they can:

  • Track leads and engage customers when it matters most in their buyer’s journey
  • Nurture leads with personalized web and email content
  • Identify anonymous visitors by name
  • Create focus and accountability for the sales team
  • Discover what marketing strategies are winners and losers
  • Access real-time analytics to prove ROI
  • Much more, depending on the organization’s goals and needs

Customized CRM Platform Installation

Investing in the right CRM platform is just the beginning. Many organizations take weeks or months to figure out software installation, integration, and implementation. Then, the team needs to learn the software and how to maximize its potential. An expert provides customized installation and integration with existing systems. As a result, the company makes a seamless transition to avoid lost leads. Plus, a professional lets you know which software and systems aren’t doing the job.


Harness the Power of Technology

Once the software is installed, many team members don’t know how to use it properly. Unfortunately, the company’s investment isn’t doing everything possible to cultivate customer relationships and eliminate lost leads. Harnessing the power of technology helps optimize sales performance. Marketing activities must be based on legitimate analytics rather than speculation. A CRM platform professional understands how to maximize the potential of the system. Then your business can eliminate leads by nurturing customer relationships. 


Learn Current Best Practices

Companies lose leads for many reasons, including:

  • slow response time;
  • failure to examine web traffic analytics
  •  inability to segment leads to reach viable prospects; and
  • asking too much to capture potential leads. 

An expert identifies pain points and helps the team learn current best practices. Then, with automation, the team can determine where to make changes. The right approach enhances customer relationships, reducing the number of lost leads.


Save Time and Money on Implementation

Some companies attempt to install, integrate, and implement a CRM platform in-house. The cost adds up, considering the price of human resources. Often these team members have little or no experience with the new platform. An expert has the training and expertise to complete a seamless transition. Plus, a pro can do it in days rather than weeks or months. From security concerns to productivity, an expert knows how to nurture prospects and eliminate lost leads.


Capturing Lost Leads Throughout the Sales Funnel

How can you stop leak leakage in the sales funnel? First, get granular about tracking every marketing campaign and customer relationship. Data-driven sales strategies narrow down campaigns. The goal is to reach customers ready to take action. A CRM platform expert works with the C-suite, management, sales team, and marketing to create a customized automation solution. Then the system provides real-time analytics, so companies can soar past the competition.

Improve Visibility and Accountability

Even with an established budget, marketing dollars are often spent on what people think works rather than what the target audience wants. A CRM platform improves visibility and accountability based on analytics. As a result, marketing campaigns are evaluated based on the return on investment. With this updated information, companies develop effective segmentation to build customer loyalty and reduce lost leads. From sales to management, improvements are made based on facts instead of speculation. 

Maximize Marketing Budget

The more targeted leads a company nurtures, the higher conversion rates. Personalization reaches out to consumers, building a relationship based on trust and satisfaction. It’s easy to gauge the progress with analytics, email campaign automation, and personalized follow-up. With these tools, businesses make meaningful connections based on legitimate data. Lost leads are the result of poor planning. An expert teaches the team how to narrow down marketing campaigns.

Measurable ROI 

Stakeholders want answers, which means knowing the bottom line at all times. A CRM platform offers a measurable ROI when used correctly. First, an expert helps everyone, from the C-suite to the salespeople, gauge the progress of marketing efforts. The team makes essential changes based on real-time analytics. Then a pro teaches everyone how to use the system for nurturing leads and improving conversions. Measuring marketing campaign progress is one of the best ways to eliminate lost leads

Superior Training Eliminates
Lost Leads

Trying to teach everyone how to use automation is another challenge companies face.. It takes a unified and consistent approach to maximize the platform’s potential. A CRM platform expert provides training to identify pain points and find solutions. Segmentation and personalization are the cornerstones to marketing campaigns that resonate with consumers, eliminating lost leads.

Wholesalers, online retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and service providers lose possible revenue from massive holes in the funnel. Hiring a CRM platform expert stops the leakage through education and coaching to master the process and technology. 

Experts Help Eliminate Lost Leads by Optimizing Workflows

Discover how to eliminate lost leads once and for all from the pros at Cultivize. An expert teaches the team how to narrow down marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about handling workflows, controlling the customer journey, and maximizing your marketing budget. 


Why is personalization through automation a necessity to capture lost leads?

With the right CRM platform, companies can personalize the customer journey, making crucial suggestions based on predictive analytics to avoid leak leakage. In fact, personalization can reduce lost leads and help increase consumer spending by up to 500 percent.

What is customer acquisition cost, and how does a CRM platform make a difference?

The customer acquisition cost (CAC) is calculated by dividing all expenses spent on marketing to get more customers by the period of time the money was spent. A CRM platform is a necessity rather than a luxury to keep a finger on the pulse of marketing spend and make real-time adjustments to eliminate lost leads

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