Pub K Group Optimizes Operations and Boosts ROI

Meet Bill, the Managing Editor of Pub K Group, a news publisher facing challenges with manual processes and poor integration across platforms. Here’s how Cultivize and SharpSpring transformed their approach since March 2019.

The Challenge

Pub K Group struggled with manual processes, limited integration, and inefficient workflows across their newsletter distribution, website platform, and sales/membership operations.

The Solution

We came to the rescue, providing a collaborative and hands-on approach. We seamlessly integrated SharpSpring into Pub K Group’s systems, automating previously manual tasks. Our team automated processes and optimized efficiency.

The Results

Streamlined Operations
With Cultivize’s collaborative approach, Pub K Group successfully streamlined and automated numerous backend processes, optimizing overall operations

Data-Driven Insights
Pub K Group gained detailed analytics on email interactions, client behaviors, and website engagement. The team could identify clients at risk and tailor their approach accordingly.

Proactive Support
The Cultivize team became a vital part of Pub K Group’s operations, providing proactive suggestions, reaching out for regular meetings, and highlighting areas for improvement without constant oversight.

Improved ROI
Pub K Group experienced a significantly better return on investment compared to traditional advertising through other web platforms.

"The Cultivize team's collaborative approach, responsiveness, and contribution to freeing up valuable time for our small business are priceless. The detailed analytics provided by SharpSpring surpassed our previous experiences with other platforms.”

Bill Olver, Managing Editor

Summary of PubK Group's Success

Cultivize and SharpSpring revolutionized Pub K Group’s operations, showcasing the power of strategic collaboration and cutting-edge CRM technology in the news publishing industry.