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SharpSpring (now known as Constant Contact Lead Gen CRM) is a dynamic and affordable marketing automation platform designed to help businesses increase their marketing efficiency and ROI. It blends essential features of marketing automation, CRM, email marketing, and social media management into one comprehensive suite.

SharpSpring focuses on delivering a high degree of functionality at a fraction of the cost of competitors. It’s particularly suited for established B2B businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing activities and leverage data segmentation to drive ROI-focused engagement.

Core Features

  • Robust Marketing Automation: Streamlines complex marketing tasks with automation.
  • Built-in CRM: Integrates sales and marketing efforts seamlessly.
  • Email Marketing: Advanced email capabilities with detailed analytics.
  • Social Media Management: Tools to manage  social media campaigns.
  • Landing Page and Form Builders: Easy creation of web assets to capture leads.


  • Life of Lead: Allows sales teams to see all interactions of a lead through the buyers journey
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Offers a competitive pricing model, making it accessible for smaller businesses.
  • Flexibility: Adapts to various business needs with its customizable features.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies navigation and use, reducing the learning curve.


  • Transparent Pricing: Clear, straightforward pricing without hidden fees.
  • Scalable Plans: Tailored plans that grow with your business.
  • No Long-Term Contracts: Offers flexibility with month-to-month agreements.
  • Cost: Pricing starts at $30/day

Are You a Marketing Agency?
Unlock Passive Income Now!

What if you could add a service that your clients will love and also generate recurring revenue for your agency—without additional work?

And what if that new service also helped you attract and retain more clients?

By offering your clients SharpSpring, together we will help them turn more leads into revenue for them.  We provide the technology, the training and support, so your clients can close more leads and see the value you add. You don’t have to do anything. SharpSpring provides full life-cycle attribution tracking to show you and your clients which marketing strategies are producing qualified leads and the exact revenue each campaign is generating.

What you get with a Constant Contact CRM & SharpSpring Platinum Partner

Deep Customer Insights

One view of how contacts or accounts interact with you throughout time

Lead Capture Tools

Customizable forms, chatbots, and integration to hundreds of business apps.


Manage contacts, accounts, and opportunities across marketing and sales

Sales & Marketing 

Our CRM and marketing automation tools get sales & marketing talking the same language… revenue.

Retargeting Ads

Bring valuable visitors back with ads based interactions with your content


Streamline processes like lead nurturing and sales follow-ups

Sales Dashboards

Central views for pipeline management, activity, follow-ups and more

Lead Scoring

Automatic scoring based on activities and interactions with your content

Dynamic Content

Customize email and web content to distinct audiences for your products

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cultivize clients


The Cultivize team is very knowledgeable about SharpSpring. They answer all our questions and approached our custom CRM installation thoughtfully, methodically, and very patiently.
William Ervin Headshot
Bill Ervin
Principal, EG Integrated
The Social Sales Link Team was looking for an automation tool that encompassed CRM, email and website tools that helped us with marketing efforts and intelligence. Jason and his team guided the entire onboarding and set up the process, going live in less than 2-weeks from sign-up (which is almost unheard of in the marketing automation space).
Brynne Tillman
Founder, Social Sales Link
The Cultivize team has added enormous benefits to Pub K in a short amount of time. Helping us convert our email publishing delivery platform and integrating our Woo Commerce sales platform to SharpSpring to improve our communications with subscribers.
Robert Nichols
Partner, Nichols Liu LLP
Jason and his team have been instrumental to the success of our integration with SharpSpring. Working directly with our team to help train, automate, and build processes that make our business function more efficiently so that we're better able to acquire new clients, as well as serve our existing clients - we highly recommend Cultivize.
Ted Rosedale
Ted Rosedale
VP Business Development, RSSA
Working with Cultivize has improved our Marketing Automation and CRM programs significantly. Jason is outstanding in helping us with his in-depth knowledge of SharpSpring and general digital market experience. It's great to have an agency partner that is focused on what we need and can offer help is areas that we may be lacking.
luke warren
Luke Warren
Business Development and Legal at United Electric Controls
Jason and his team at Cultivize are experts in SharpSpring and awesome to work with. When I have marketing automation I need to be done quickly and accurately, I turn to his team to help us.
Kim Lloyd
Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur