Turning Cold Leads into Red Hot Sales Through Technology

Turning Cold Leads into Red Hot Sales Through Technology

Lead nurturing explained

See how the “Life of The Lead” feature works inside the SharpSpring platform, it shows the salesperson when the prospect was engaging with your emails, website, and more. Allowing the salesperson to focus on the “hot leads” that are likely to have a positive conversation.

Where marketing meets sales, the rubber hits the road. Whether or not a salesperson can accelerate to cruising speed will have something to do with their skill but shifting into the next gear is only possible with the right equipment. Crossing the finish line and converting a cold lead into a happy client is made much easier with the technology to get them there. Just as a NASCAR driver needs the right machinery and pit crew to win, a salesperson needs software tools, a tailored strategy to match your business sales process, and a coach to keep them accountable which will help them cross the finish line.

It’s not only picking the right software, but you also need the right team.

At the end of the day, leads are just people. Certain people can be tougher to read, so it helps to have the proper tools so you can keep everyone on the same page. The software developed by SharpSpring has helped many businesses, teams, salespeople, and the c-suite gain and maintain leads. The program has built-in features that assist in maintaining positive customer relationship management (CRM) by personalizing buyer interactions and providing teams with productivity tools. It also offers increased sales engagement protocols, like messaging and task automation.

Different Impacts of Hot vs. Cold Leads

Of course, a salesperson will find the sales process to be smoother with a warm or hot lead since the lead is already inclined to the product or service at hand. In this case, the salesperson will have more confidence and be more willing to approach the client. On the flip side, a cold lead may make a salesperson freeze up, no pun intended. They may experience a drop in confidence or find themselves stumbling over their words and their mind wonders. Sometimes, a marketing campaign will result in low-quality leads, which can waste a sales team’s time. That’s why it’s so important that both the marketing team and the sales team understand which campaigns lead to high-quality leads that the sales team feels confident approaching. When a salesperson is confident in their approach, the client will feel more receptive, and the sales process is streamlined.

The Numbers

As the adage goes, numbers don’t lie. Having an effective CRM program makes a huge difference. Looking at some stats, we can observe that less than 40% of businesses have an above-90% CRM adoption rate. Additionally, only around 45% of organizations use a CRM program to store data for their leads and customers. Don’t fall behind with that 55%; adopt the correct tools to help them reach your lead retention goals.

It is crucial to have the proper partner that can help you strategize, customize, and train your team. Without this, you could be missing out on business, and that’s where Cultivize and SharpSpring come into play.

Learn more about Cultivize, a leader in the development of lead nurturing and sales enablement strategy.

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