How to Get More Out of SharpSpring

The right CRM platform helps target campaigns to capture and generate more leads. Plus, a platform such as SharpSpring – our favorite – proves an agency’s value to its clients. But is your team only using a fraction of the powerful tools SharpSpring marketing automation offers?

Most people question “what else” they can do with SharpSpring after sixty days. In reality, it takes nearly five years to learn the many ways the platform can help your agency and clients. Do you have that long to realize a return on your investment?

Fortunately, we can cut your learning curve down by four years and eleven months! As a Platinum Certified consultant, we have over ten years of experience – double the time it takes to explore the infinite possibilities of this prolific platform.

If your agency or clients have been using the platform for over two months, take advantage of our 
in-depth audit of your client’s instance and website front end to explore missed opportunities. We also provide a live Zoom strategy call to discuss the results and path to implementing intelligent tactics to leverage marketing automation to your advantage.

What’s Really Happening With Leads?

Where did that recently converted lead come from initially? Who is visiting the site and why? Furthermore, how can the business capture more leads? Ongoing answers to these crucial questions fuel data-driven marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences. Marketing automation can provide these critical insights and eliminate lost leads.

Developing customized campaigns relies on facts, not speculation. Companies provide a more personalized experience when they know the lead source. For example, we can track a customer from the initial contact to conversion day to better understand the customer journey.

When you work with Cultivize, we offer live and personalized platform demos. Our team can show your prospective and current clients how to use all the robust features – not just a few of them. At this point, most companies discover they are using only a fraction of the invaluable tools SharpSpring offers. 

Is Integration an Ongoing Challenge?

Is your client still using tedious, time-consuming manual methods? Are there currently other processes for sales, membership, and tracking? Integration is another common challenge for businesses, especially those that are not fully automated.

Eliminating manual tasks reduces human error, increases productivity, and streamlines operations. Your client’s team can work seamlessly in a collaborative environment to leverage sales team information, track marketing campaigns, and much more.

Often companies struggle for months and years over integration, losing out on lead generation and nurturing opportunities in the meantime. As a CRM expert, we jumpstart integration, so you can start making the most of the investment.

What Do We Do With All These Tools?

Once companies recognize the full potential of their CRM, it’s time to learn how to use all the tools effectively. For example, keeping accurate track of the customer journey ensures fewer leads drop out of the sales funnel.  

Another benefit of watching the customer journey is finding ways to reconnect in the future. Nurturing leads builds trust by providing precisely what the customer wants. As a result, yesterday’s quiet lead becomes tomorrow’s vocal conversion. Untargeted marketing campaigns waste valuable marketing time and money.

Cultivize provides strategy and consulting to enable agencies to advise their clients on the best ways to use the platform. We also work with end-users to help them take advantage of all features to maximize their marketing budget.

How Will We Get the Essential Training to Get Started?

Once companies recognize everything the SharpSpring can do, it’s time to put the software to work. Onboarding and training may take months, or even years, in a hectic business environment. In the meantime, leads are leading out of the sales funnel – and possibly, over to the competition.

Handling workflows and controlling the customer journey are top priorities to nurture each lead properly – which is exactly what a CRM expert helps you do. Utilizing all the functions of the platform helps companies squeeze the most out of every marketing opportunity and dollar.

Each day the team remains untrained is another day when leads are potentially lost. It can take up to five years to learn all the features independently. With ten years of experience as a Platinum Partner, our experts provide training that quickly gets your client’s team up and running.

How Do We Put SharpSpring To Work?

Once we have appropriately integrated and customized the platform, with training provided to the team, it’s time to realize its power. Instead of speculating about lead sources and nurturing, the team now has detailed data to fuel more personalized marketing campaigns.

Knowing how and when to reach out to prospects is the only way to make a meaningful connection and build a relationship based on trust. Understanding their needs wants, and journey lets you hone in on ways to connect and encourage them to take action.

Unlike many other CRM experts, the professionals at Cultivize assist with implementation every step of the way. We show you how to put to the platform work so your company starts to reap the benefits. 

What If We (or your agency-client) Still Has Questions?

One-and-done training sessions often leave the team with more questions than answers. However, as they start to use the software, users discover exciting possibilities to help develop future marketing strategies. 

Unfortunately, preliminary research often yields generic responses. Trying to navigate through all the available information leads to more confusion. As a result, your team may not use all the features and understand pertinent marketing automation updates.  

Cultivize stays with agencies and end-users to provide ongoing training, guidance, and insight necessary for success. In addition, we schedule monthly live video strategy sessions to amplify your marketing efforts and have built our own knowledge base website to answer common questions.

Why Should We Work With a SharpSpring Expert?

From streamlined email marketing campaigns to determining website traffic sources, learn how to get everything possible from using marketing automation. As this robust CRM evolves even better to serve the community, Cultivize helps companies continue to exceed their potential.

Do you struggle with strategy, implementation, onboarding, and training, with no idea how to achieve a maximum ROI? Cultivize is on the scene to help agencies and end-users exceed expectations with no more lost leads!

Are you looking for measurable results to substantiate a marketing budget or prove your agency’s worth? We’re ready to show its total value and be a SharpSpring CRM expert every step of the journey.

If you’re using SharpSpring or helping clients implement it, find out if the business is getting everything it should. Reach out to the pros at Cultivize today to discover how to capture and nurture more leads.

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