White Label Consulting for Agencies = Client Growth

We used to be an agency. One of the unintended benefits of starting Cultivize as a lead nurturing firm three years ago has been our growing portfolio of agency partners. Cultivize helps them – and their clients – Get Cultivized! This sole focus on optimizing lead yield provides value in a process agencies don’t typically have deep expertise in.

The core function of Sharpspring’s marketing automation and CRM tools is to nurture leads. The technology empowers salespeople to focus on the “high probability” of prospective opportunities.

We help agencies improve email open rates, clicks, and other key metrics in real-time using action-based “triggers.” These automatically define the selection of future content prospects and customers see along their customer journey. And they like it.

As leads move along the sales funnel, the marketing automation/CRM system assigns increasingly higher value to their actions. This process, known as “lead scoring,” is based on using a prospect’s behaviors to greatly increase the probability of conversion to the next step.

Having worked with Sharpspring for almost a decade, Cultivize offers a deep understanding of what to do and how to utilize its many tools to nurture leads. Lead nurturing as a process applies equally to other platforms, as recent consulting assignments confirm.

“The Cultivize team is very knowledgeable about SharpSpring.” Bill Ervin – Principal, EG Integrated.

“EG Integrated is a full-service agency founded on the belief that clients should get the attention and expertise they deserve. The Cultivize team is very knowledgeable about SharpSpring. They answer all our questions and approached our custom CRM installation thoughtfully, methodically, and very patiently.” Bill Ervin – Principal, EG Integrated

Why Agencies Work With Cultivize on Lead Nurturing

In general, agencies are very good at what they do. Their customers love the marketing, creative, advertising, content development, events, etc. they bring to the table. Implementing marketing automation and CRM technology projects is a real challenge, though.

“We realized that for agencies that don’t understand all of the capabilities these systems have, there is a steep learning curve,” said Jason Kramer, founder and head coach at Cultivize.

He continued, “It takes time before you can start selling effectively and servicing customers.”

Experience shows that it takes six months-to-a-year to build systems knowledge and understanding of a customer’s complete buying journey, to successfully implement any marketing automation/CRM platform.

There is a fair amount of set up and integration with systems like:

  • WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.
  • Lead Pages, Click Funnel, HubSpot, etc.
  • Social media profiles and management
  • Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, etc.

There is also the need to train management, marketing teams, and salespeople. Training must be focused on not only the technology – but also the changes in an organization’s marketing and sales processes that the technology introduces.

Lack of understanding also makes it hard for agencies to effectively sell the platform.

“We found that our consulting and coaching services can drastically simplify the learning curve,” said Jason. “This approach empowers agencies and their clients to achieve results more quickly and reduce frustration.”

He added, “Two years ago, we made the transition from a full-service agency to our current exclusive focus on lead nurturing. Mostly, we do Sharpspring implementation consulting and coaching to optimize lead nurturing, but we can help with other platforms, too.”

Over the last two years, Cultivize has helped agencies implement for their customers and as an internal tool. We have also helped agencies expand the use of Sharpspring beyond email marketing. Clients fully leverage lead nurturing techniques to improve communications and revenue results to get the full value from their technology investment.

“I wanted a partner that could explain to our sales team of about 20 people why things need to change.” Eric Loring – President, GLS NEXT

“GLS has transitioned from traditional media to a digital marketing creative services agency in the last few years. In implementing our new CRM, I wanted a partner that could explain to our sales team of about 20 people why things need to change… and the importance of it; someone with credibility and expertise… Jason and the Cultivize team took the time to listen and understand before injecting what we should do. This helped us shift our mindset – working differently – while minimizing pain points.”

Eric Loring – President, GLS NEXT

What Kind Of Agencies Does Cultivize Work With?

Cultivize works with the sales team (management, marketing and sales) in agencies and for the clients they serve. Engagements bring needed attention to process in the service of goal achievement to their efforts.

The marketers Cultivize works with are wonderfully creative and innovative! They have three, five, as many as 30 salespeople all working in the field with customers. Each one having his or her own sales process.

Often, Cultivize clients have recently tried to increase their value to their customers by introducing marketing automation to them. Many agency clients become Sharpspring partners because they see the growth opportunity.

They often find they need support not only with their own implementation but in selling to and onboarding their own clients. Other times, they are trying to do advanced technical systems integration work for a client and they need deep ongoing support.

Cultivize’s services are offered to agencies on a white label basis to provide a seamless experience for customers. Cultivize coaches and consultants become an integral part of the team.

How Does Cultivize Support Agencies?

Often, a “Get Cultivized!” engagement starts by performing an audit to identify what features of SharpSpring will add value quickly. Whether for your agency, or your customers, clients can count on the Cultivize coaches and consultants to get and keep them in the game:

  • Understand business requirements for Sharpspring before getting started
  • Put a plan in place that addresses people, process, and technology questions
  • Determine migration options and which is appropriate for a given situation
  • Map customer data correctly to get the program up and running quickly
  • Train the sales team, marketing, and management to succeed with Sharpspring

Lead nurturing campaigns assist marketing and sales teams to establish relationships with prospects, by tracking prospects from their first interaction until they become a frequent returning customer.

The bottom line: the more you convert, the higher your yield, the more money you make.

Implementing CRM is commitment. Through it all, it’s hugely important to get and keep everyone on the team enthusiastic. That’s where ongoing coaching and training comes into play. And it helps if everyone is in a mindset tp make the work fun.

Jason and the Cultivize team help me see the big picture and then figure out the best way to accomplish the goal.” Kim Lloyd – Principal, Latham Group Consulting

Latham Group Consulting is a digital marketing, CMO advisory, and website firm that leverages an extensive network to bring the right resources to bear for the job. “I wanted to bring in a partner who could help my clients get the most out of SharpSpring. Jason and the Cultivize team help me see the big picture and then figure out the best way to accomplish the goal. Very responsive.”

Kim Lloyd – Principal, Latham Group Consulting

Get Cultivized!

Yes, we used to be an agency. Today, Cultivize is New York’s only Platinum Sharpspring partner providing lead nurturing consulting and coaching services to agency partners and their clients’ value.

Agencies everywhere love the transparent, “Hug Your Customer” style of service and knowledgeable approach Cultivize delivers for them and their clients.

“Our team is structured enough to conduct a needs analysis and put on virtual training for a far-flung sales team of 20 to help you achieve scale, yet flexible enough to answer questions quickly and take on small projects,” concludes Kramer. “Your success is our success!’ is our coaches’ motto.”

That is the definition of: “Get Cultivized.”

Does getting your agency Cultivized sound like a good business fit? Drop Head Coach Jason Kramer and the Cultivize team a line to see how we can be of value to your efforts.

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