ROCK IT LIVE Interview, Why CRM’s Are a Game Changer

Chris Vaglio interviewed CEO of Cultivize, Jason Kramer. to discuss the ins & outs of why a CRM is critical to converting leads to customers and how it helps agencies and clients understand which marketing tactics are driving revenue or costing you money.

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He is formally trained as a brand strategist and holds a communication design degree from Syracuse University. He started his career as a graphic designer at NYC ad agencies working with global clients in the travel, food, and liquor industries. Seeing an opportunity to help startups and small businesses with an alternative option in lieu of hiring several freelancers, Jason started his first company in 2002, a pioneering virtual agency long before that concept even existed. For over 15 years Jason’s agency, JLK Creative, worked with a wide variety of service-based companies in the Metro NY area helping them with branding, web development, print, and email marketing.

In 2018, Jason founded his 2nd company, Cultivize, and leveraged his existing partnership with SharpSpring. Today, Cultivize is one of a few Platinum Certified SharpSpring partners in the world and 100% focused on coaching, empowering, and implementing lead nurturing strategies for his clients.

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