Benefits of a Monthly Email Newsletter

Learn the tips necessary to increase your monthly email newsletter results.

As a business, you want to build connections with your client base and continue to grow your brand’s public image. On top of maintaining relationships with your existing clients, you want to reach out to potential leads as much as possible and put your name out to those who may be unaware. The best approach to accomplish this is by creating original, compelling content to support your marketing strategy, but the question still stands; how do you get that content in front of the user? A fresh take on the traditional monthly newsletter delivered via email is an effective way to reach out to leads. Let us look at a few key advantages behind the method.

Increase in Credibility

If you send out a newsletter that’s full of useful, informative, and relevant information in an organized fashion, then you’ll boost your brand’s influence. Quality content can lead a customer to believe in your company and its performance. Be sure to put your editor’s hat on before hitting send—you want the content within the newsletter to entice the reader to act, so be sure to include a call to action.

Low Risk and High Reward

A mailing list contains people who at one point expressed some sort of interest in you and your company. Keeping that in mind, you have to hold up your end of the bargain as the sender to ensure you’re providing relevant, engaging content. Though the worst thing that can happen is the email hitting the spam folder or someone who is uninterested hitting “unsubscribe”, the alternative is that they stay in your marketing mix for years, reading your messaging and potentially staying fresh in their mind. It’s helpful to keep your marketing strategy consistent, as repeated attempts are critical for success. Think about how many times you’ve seen a specific billboard or a TV commercial for a product or service, and all the times it’s passed by without you showing any interest in it. Now think about the time when you’ve seen it once more and had that desire click in your mind. That is the kind of response you want from your customer base. Email newsletters also have a fairly low cost attached to them, meaning you can see a much higher return on your investment.

For Analytics Sake

Sending out an email newsletter is effective for metrics. Keeping track of how many clients open, click and convert is helpful for evaluating the effectiveness of your strategy and what decisions should be made in the future. Specifically, sending out a newsletter every month is especially important for this, as you have consistent results that can inform pivots to strategy every few weeks or so. Incorporating an effective CRM into your email marketing efforts is integral to your success, as it helps to inform your sales team on what customers are interested in and who is “raising their hands”.

Fully Customizable

Sending out your own custom newsletter to a warm audience is one of the last steps in a marketing funnel. Having the ability to finetune your newsletter and tailor it based on customers’ interests and habits is an effective way to increase engagement.

Email newsletters remain an extremely effective way to prompt conversions and build brand awareness. Consider implementing this into your marketing strategy for the best results!

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