Upstart Group's Marketing Agency Transforms Client Success

Sue Sanford, CEO, and Co-founder of Upstart Group faced a common challenge in the marketing world—maximizing the potential of their CRM reseller revenue stream for SharpSpring. Here’s how Cultivize revolutionized their approach.

The Challenge

Upstart Group, in business for 11 years, recognized the need to streamline, automate, and customize SharpSpring’s functionality for their clients. They aimed to elevate their client’s use of the tool, especially in automating sales processes, without having a primary focus on the CRM.

The Solution

Cultivize has collaborated with the Upstart Group for the past 5 years to streamline, automate, and customize SharpSpring effectively. Jason’s deep understanding of the business side, blending agency and marketing expertise with a profound understanding of sales, proved invaluable. Cultivize became the outsourced team providing expertise, allowing Upstart Group to concentrate on their core competency—marketing.

The Results

Enhanced Client Success
With Cultivize’s support, Upstart Group delivered more value to their clients by optimizing SharpSpring’s capabilities

Efficiency and Expertise
Cultivize handled back-end work and support tasks with expertise, surpassing the capabilities of an in-house team

Profitability Boost
Integrating SharpSpring became a positive line of business for Upstart Group, with Cultivize enhancing profitability by delivering more within that line of business.

Responsive and Personable Partnership
Jason and the Cultivize team proved responsive, personable, and enjoyable to work with, earning praise from both Sue and her team.

“I highly recommend Cultivize to anyone seeking to improve performance and optimize SharpSpring or those looking to add a revenue stream to their business. Whether you're an agency owner or a corporate CEO, Cultivize has the expertise to drive results and elevate the effectiveness of CRM tools.”

Sue Sanford, Founder

Summary of Upstart Group's Success

Cultivize’s collaboration with Upstart Group showcases the transformative power of strategic partnership in maximizing CRM potential and driving business success.