What Do You Know About the Acquisition of SharpSpring by Constant Contact?

What Do You Know About the Acquisition of SharpSpring by Constant Contact?

Exciting CRM news is out about the acquisition of SharpSpring – and now, the best is getting better. After the August 2021 acquisition approved by stakeholders, cloud-based SharpSpring is part of ConstantContact. So what does this mean to agencies and end-users of both platforms?

With industry leaders joining forces, a broad set of opportunities exist for existing and new users. As a SharpSpring Platinum Partner, Cultivize is watching its acquisition by Constant Contact closely. And we’re ready to help agencies and end-users harness the power of all the lead cultivating and nurturing possibilities. 

How Will the Acquisition of SharpSpring Impact Its Customers?

SharpSpring marketing automation customers will continue to enjoy all the robust features of this cloud-based CRM software, including integration and customization. From lead segmentation and sales reports and event and social media management, SharpSpring streamlines communications and follows the customer journey to hone in on opportunities in real-time.

With the acquisition in mind, Constant Contact is an email services provider (ESP). From setting up an online store to leveraging search and social opportunities, creative options exist for SharpSpring marketing automation users. 

What Does the Acquisition Mean for Constant Contact ESP Customers?

Frank Vella, CEO of Constant Contact, stated about the acquisition, “SharpSpring’s focus on lead management will be an essential element in building Constant Contact’s marketing automation platform to more holistically deliver results for small businesses.”

SharpSpring provides superior CRM automation for agencies and businesses. As a result, Constant Contact customers gain a world of targeted lead generation and cultivation possibilities – with measurable sales results to hone in on missed marketing opportunities. 

Why Do You Need a Strategic Partner Help with the SharpSpring Marketing Automation Transition?

As a Platinum Partner, Cultivize has a decade of SharpSpring marketing automation experience. Coupled with our technology, marketing, and lead nurturing background, we are a strategic partner who proves the ROI for the annual sales budget.

Most SharpSpring customers use just a fraction of the available features. With the SharpSpring acquisition, Constant Contact users have a golden opportunity to take advantage of superior lead cultivation and nurturing prospects with data-driven tools.

The Cultivize team offers dedicated help for agencies and users to maximize the potential of the acquisition of SharpSpring by Constant Contact. In addition, we have a finger on the pulse of the latest updates to share the benefits with our strategic partners. 

Discover the next generation of CRM automation to ensure leads never leak out of your sales funnel in the future. Contact us today to learn more about what the acquisition of SharpSpring means to your business. 


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