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The first step is to find a CRM advisor that can help you identify your business needs and goals. Here are the 7 must do’s:

  1. Create a list of your needs: Who will be using the CRM, what are their roles and daily activities, what other tech do you have that needs to connect to the CRM, does the reporting meet your needs, etc.
  2. Request a demo of the CRM’s and make sure the demo shows how the platform can meet your needs. Stay away from generic demos or pre-recorded demos, ask for a live demo.
  3. Look for a CRM that is user-friendly, getting your team to use the CRM on a daily basis will be a challenge if the CRM interface is confusing.
  4. Once you have seen all the CRM features, create a WILL USE, NEVER USE, MAYBE list and see how many features you expect to use and implement within the first 6 months. If to many features seem complex or not needed perhaps the CRM is more robust than you need.
  5. Can you call or have zoom meeting with customer support? How easy will it be for you to get help and guidance to questions as they come up.
  6.  Consider scalability and integration capabilities. What would be the cost to add more contacts or features to the CRM as your business needs change? Does the CRM easily integrate with tools like Zapier and have an open API?
  7. Most importantly what is the cost. Some CRM’s are priced based on number of users, features you buy, integrations, etc. Also be weary of onboarding fees, most CRM’s charge an onboarding fee but they don’t actually setup the CRM for you. They just show you basic setup steps, but don’t create a strategy to align the CRM around your needs.

CRM systems offer a centralized hub for customer data, improving communication, increasing sales, and fostering customer loyalty. They streamline workflows, provide insightful analytics, and empower businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Absolutely, if you have at least 2 salespeople and are spending money on marketing. A CRM system is a valuable asset. It helps you organize customer information, automate repetitive tasks, and enables personalized interactions, ensuring you make the most of every customer interaction.

Yes, many CRM systems are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Intuitive interfaces, training resources, and customer support make them accessible even for those less familiar with technology.

CRM systems streamline the sales pipeline, automate tasks, and provide insights into customer behavior. This results in more effective lead management, better sales forecasting, and increased overall sales efficiency.

Yes, most modern CRM systems offer seamless integrations with various business tools such as email marketing platforms, accounting software, and communication tools, ensuring a cohesive and connected business ecosystem. Tools like. Zapier and Cultivize’s API wizardry ensures most tech stacks can be connected.

Reputable CRM providers implement robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and regular system audits. Always choose a CRM with a strong focus on data security.

Many CRM solutions are scalable and can grow with your business. Choose a CRM provider that offers flexible plans and features to accommodate your evolving needs as your business expands. Before you select a CRM, ask for how pricing will change as you add more contacts, features, users or integrations from other apps to the CRM.

If you have a mobile sales team, look for a CRM system that provides mobile applications, allowing you to access important customer information, manage tasks, and stay connected with your team while on the go.

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Remember, the specific needs of your business are paramount. Cultivize’s CRM Fit Assessment is your personalized guide to selecting the CRM that aligns seamlessly with your business goals and workflows. We’re here to help you conduct thorough research with confidence and pave the way to CRM success tailored just for you.