How to improve productivity and the results of your sales team

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Cultivize founder, Jason Kramer and Vendux founder, Henning Schwinum have a lively conversation discussing tips, tools, and what it takes to have a winning sales team in your business. They discuss important topics like motivation tactics, increasing productivity, interviewing tips, solutions for struggling team members, methods to connect your marketing efforts with those of your sales team, how to make the most of your CRM, and more…

Marketing as a Profit Center

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In this pod cast, learn how to create a succinct process and technology platform to nurture and educate prospects through their buying journey. It’s a known fact that it’s far more cost-effective to nurture your current pipeline than to spend money on capturing new leads. Over the last 10 years, marketing automation and CRM platforms have risen to prominence by enabling sales teams to become significantly more efficient and effective when this technology becomes part of their daily toolbox. Get the insights and tips you need to win, listen now.

Social Media and Lead Management: Winning Trends in 2021

Social Media and Lead Management: Winning Trends in 2021

“Social media and lead management systems will unlock the power that lies within your sales team as these most important business trends gain momentum in 2021,” said Jason Kramer, CEO of Cultivize.
But only the companies with a plan and the right tools in place to grow an audience – and then engage them – have a fighting chance.
Today, it is important to keep your products and services top of mind with customers over a sustained period to see a return on investment. This means to use technology to create an experience by moving from a general conversation to a personal conversation about them and their needs.

2 Questions That Will Reboot Your Sales in 2021

2 Questions That Will Reboot Your Sales in 2021

No one is “just-looking” at your website. The “window shoppers” who read a few pages are clearly interested in something, and maybe they found it. Maybe not. Does your current marketing strategy include a sales and marketing automation platform that produces measurable sales revenue from these visitors? This month, we present two thoughtful questions about technology and commitment to the New Year for your consideration.

Creating Harmony Between Content & Delivery

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The truth is the content doesn’t need to have high production budgets, but to get results it does have to be emotional, authentic, consistent, and “on message.” It also requires a production/distribution model that provides the actual experience for your prospective customers and existing clients.

The ROI of Lead Nurturing: CRM + Marketing Automation + This

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Welcome to “Get Cultivized.” I am Jason Kramer, founder of Cultivize. Some call us “Coach” because we help teams like yours improve the ROI of lead nurturing through techniques such as sales enablement, digital analytics, email marketing services, and automated one-to-one communication.