Lead Nurturing that Actually Works

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Lead nurturing can be anything from creating a podcast to writing blog articles. In the case Jason Kramer, CEO of Cultivize shares, “there’s more of a constraint on lead nurturing using software, which results in sales.” This week, episode 151 of The Digital Agency Growth Podcast is about lead nurturing that actually works!

Turning Cold Leads into Red Hot Sales Through Technology

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Whether or not a salesperson can accelerate to cruising speed will have something to do with their skill but shifting into the next gear is only possible with the right equipment. Paring the right tool with the right strategy can turn cold leads into red hot sales. Learn how Cultivize has helped many businesses, teams & salespeople gain & maintain leads.

How to Choose a CRM in Six Easy Steps

How to Choose a CRM in Six Easy Steps

Learning how to choose a CRM system is the first step to effectively mapping customer relationships. The right CRM software ensures a seamless transition from leads to prospects to customers.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems maintain data on a central platform. As a result, you eliminate redundant interactions and focus on those that matter most.

As SharpSpring certified consultants, the Cultivize team helps organizations find customized solutions to know where prospects are in the sales funnel. As a result, the right CRM enables you to develop and maintain meaningful customer relationships.

Discover how to find CRM software to track your prospects’ unique journeys through your marketing and sales pipeline.