The ROI of Lead Nurturing: CRM + Marketing Automation + This

Welcome to “Get Cultivized.” I am Jason Kramer, founder of Cultivize. Some call us “Coach” because we help teams like yours improve the ROI of lead nurturing through techniques such as sales enablement, digital analytics, email marketing services, and automated one-to-one communication.

In launching Get Cultivized, we hope to build a community of experts and searchers focused on improving lead nurturing results.

Why are we starting this blog?

Get Cultivized is all about serious ideas to optimize the ROI of lead nurturing because we want to build a community of like-minded people.

Lead nurturing is a business process. The goal is to build personalized relationships with potential prospects and current customers. The approach offers a systematic approach to maximize revenue while minimizing the effort of your most precious resource – time.

  • Marketing wants results, accountability and speed in deployment
  • Salespeople want better tools to reduce mundane, time-consuming tasks that take them away from their actual job: selling. Sales managers want visibility and accountability.
  • The C-suite/Founder wants revenue growth, ROI on marketing dollars, and to see the needle move

My team improves client sales and marketing results using Marketing Automation and CRM tools and techniques. We are experts at bringing these three teams together to make great things happen. We look forward to sharing our experience with you.

Our Purpose

We coined the term, Cultivize, by combining two very practical, yet powerful business lead nurturing drivers:

  1. Cultivate Customer Relationships
  2. Optimize Sales Performance

Business success is all about building relationships to create and serve customers. To do this, you need a steady, predictable influx of new customers and a healthy portion of repeat business.

How much do you spend on your leads?

Advertising is expensive. Qualified leads are expensive. Leaving customers to languish in your sales funnel with unanswered questions is VERY, VERY expensive. You went to all the trouble and expense to bring a prospect into your business.

Our purpose is to ensure that you gain the maximum economic return on your marketing investment by optimizing the leads in your funnel. The technology we help our customers deploy is a business enabler.

Why The ROI of Lead Nurturing?

Customers get to know you by engaging with your team. More than ever, this means maintaining a virtual dialog across multiple digital channels. You need to make it as seamless an experience as possible for your team – and for your customers.

Salespeople are the front line to educate, inform, and offer value to your customers.

Salespeople are also an expensive resource with limited time.

Fortunately, traditional metrics and techniques aren’t the only way anymore. Empowering your salespeople with automated support in today’s digital marketplace will only make them more efficient and effective. More importantly, marketing automation frees your sales team up to engage in more conversations with people later on in the buyer’s journey, where they can influence the outcome. Human interaction remains the most imperative part of the journey from lead to the customer for businesses that use a CRM.

It’s All About Sales and Marketing Alignment

Focusing on the ROI of lead nurturing also enforces accountability for generating qualified leads and follow-up. Here is a typical conversation at the sales meeting of a small-to-midsize business that has not been Cultivized:

MARKETING: ‘Sales is letting all the hot and warm leads grow cold’, says Marketing Manager.

SALES: ‘The leads are simply weak’, says Sales Manager.

Ever heard this?

If so, several critical ‘What-If’ questions beg to be asked:

  1. What if lead nurturing worked as it should and brought in increased sales?
  2. What if marketing and sales worked seamlessly on leads, using a single platform?
  3. What if ownership, accountability, and SUCCESS could be tracked in real-time?
  4. What if your system provided visibility into what programs and campaigns should be tweaked or ditched?
  5. What if you had a way to track the activity and performance of both digital and offline marketing efforts in a single view?

We have coached dozens of marketing and sales teams for nearly a decade. Taking a hard, unbiased look at your sales and marketing automation platform (or lack thereof) can really improve the situation.

Best Case Scenario

You can optimize your CRM by sending customers content – email, e-books, guides, videos – based on what you know about their needs, wants, and behaviors. This effectively segments your follow-up with relevant digital, and human, conversations.

Successfully done, you are engaging customers throughout their experience with your company by automating routine tasks and gathering intelligence your team can act upon.

Known as “sales enablement,” this seemingly utopian state frees up your salespeople to focus on the relationships with the highest probability of success. The best part: the ROI of lead nurturing systems is available TODAY.

Getting the technology and process right is hugely valuable to a business and is why we are so passionate about lead nurturing. It is all we do.


Lead nurturing provides you a proactive ROI marketing approach by accelerating your customer’s buying journey. Your brand will stay top of mind because you are regularly staying in touch across channels. Buyers today control the pace of your conversation and so you need to earn their business until they’re ready to buy. Think about what that means to your business financially.

Only a small percentage of marketing leads ever convert to qualified leads, proposals and ultimately paying customers. In fact only 2% of your daily website visitors are known by name, as the rest never filled out any form. Lead nurturing makes sense financially because a small increase in performance can significantly increase close rates.

How to measure the ROI from your lead nurturing campaigns

According to VB Insight, APSIS, 77% of marketers who nurture leads in their funnel convert more of these leads. The Cultivize lead nurturing program enables you to analyze the revenue produced from nurtured leads and compare to those not nurtured. For example:

Total from All Leads: $82,000 ($984,000 per year)

Monthly Revenue from New Leads $50,000 ($600,000 per year)

Difference: $32,000 ($384,000 per year)

The ROI of lead nurturing is an additional $3,200 per month. That is a 60.97% increase from effective lead nurturing efforts.

You can see the leverage lead nurturing has for your business. It helps you build relationships with potential and current customers at scale.

Now What?

‘So what if I am able to see all these data in real-time? How will this help me achieve my revenue goals?’

Lead-nurturing, personalized emails can receive as much as 10 times the response rate in comparison to standalone emails. (Source: SilverPop/DemandGen Report)

When you get trained on the Cultivize Playbook for Winning Lead Nurturing Programs, you will learn how to:

  • Execute seamless marketing and sales processes
  • Align your CRM and marketing automation with revenue goals
  • Set up lead nurturing ROI and sales success (from lead capture, lead nurturing, lead scoring, optimization)
  • Track your touchpoints using real-time analytics tools (phone, on email, on the corporate website, social platform or remarketing campaigns)
  • Map out your lead scoring system based on your target prospects’ contextual triggers (i.e., recent activity, interaction, behavior, and responses to questions)

Strong customer relationships are nurtured over time. It starts when a prospect engages with your brand.

Play to Win

According to Annuitas Group, organizations that set up and use marketing automation effectively experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. Be intuitive. Listen to prospects’ needs. You will have a better chance of sealing a deal than those who do not pay close attention.

Practice nurturing leads to every customer buying stage. Earn trust, build authority, and forge stronger customer loyalty. This is what the Cultivize team is all about.

So keep your eye on the ball. Ask yourself the winning question: “Do I have what it takes for an effective lead nurturing campaign? If so, you will make the performance improvements necessary to achieve my goals?”

If the answer is no, that’s okay. You don’t have to, that’s what we’re here for.

We’re on the same team as our consulting and coaching clients. Here to help you design your winning playbook. So please, connect with us- and we’ll help you establish and grow personalized relationships with your prospective customers.

Sign up for a Cultivize Coaching Session today.

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