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We've helped hundreds of companies enhance their marketing with personalized lead nurturing strategies.

We have over a decade of CRM and Sales Platform experience, plus 40+ years of marketing knowledge and a team of  Platinum Certified strategists, consultants, content writers, and implementors who have helped sales reps, operations depts., marketing teams, and the c-suite amplify their CRM and Sales Tools. Our roster of B2B / D2C clients has witnessed our hands-on personalized approach, led by our founder, Jason Kramer. Listen below to why companies choose Cultivize + SharpSpring (our recommended lead nurturing platform).

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Ready to Empower Your Team & Sharpen Your Sales Process?

Tired of spending money on marketing and not knowing which campaigns are actually generating revenue? Do you have leakage in your sales process, do cold and lukewarm leads slip through the cracks because your team is chasing “hot leads”? Is there a lack of clear reporting on your business that is limiting your ability to make informed decisions? These problems can all be solved.

We’re here to listen to your business goals (short and long-term), understand your current challenges, and develop a customized plan that will leverage your current marketing, tech stack, and sales team. Our mission is to help you drive more consistent communication with prospects and customers, give your sales team a competitive edge and provide business insights like you’ve never seen before.

Our Approach

How We Do It

The Results

For those looking to adopt a new CRM, Automated Marketing and Sales platform, we recommend the SharpSpring platform for its ease-of-use, affordability and extensive set of features.

We’ve found this platform offers the most cost-effective and practical lead nurturing platform for companies who are spending at least $3,000 per month on their marketing.

We will make your business growth a reality by empowering your sales & marketing teams with a customized lead nurturing program that gives you a competitive edge, improves internal productivity, and tracks ALL cold leads and warm prospects in your pipeline.

A Quick Look at SharpSpring

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