Personalizing Your CRM for Organizational Goals

sharpspring customization

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are viable solutions for overwhelmed businesses struggling to organize their contacts and data. But what is the leading software, and how can you migrate from antiquated technology?

In this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews Jason Kramer, Founder and CEO of Cultivize, to talk about how his company helps agencies and B2B’s transition to SharpSpring. When it comes to assessing a new platform, Jason Kramer finds that most companies don’t leverage the full potential of their current software, leading to lost data that can’t be extracted easily. The transition process requires strategic communication and collaboration to make informed decisions about the updated technology. SharpSpring is an all-inclusive and cost-effective CRM platform that streamlines the adoption process. As a SharpSpring partner, Cultivize helps organizations disseminate their data and customizes the software for business goals.